The Business of Sport: Strategies to Increase Jamaica's Share of the Global Market

Exploring how Jamaica can create a roadmap to guide the country to eventually realizing its very strong potential to be a leader in the world’s US $113-billion sports industry.

In recent times, Jamaica's image - and reputation have been enhanced – sometimes saved— by the performance and impact of its sports and entertainment stars. With that much sporting capital to draw on the nation must give priority to developing and implementing a successful Business of Sport model to build and grow a sports industry as a main driver of economic development. Jamaicans need to move beyond the sense of national pride that comes with international success in sports to creating opportunities through policy and strategy that makes use of talent, technical skills, physical infrastructure, human resources and some financial investment.

 How can Jamaica create a roadmap to guide the country to eventually realizing its very strong potential to be a leader in the world’s sports industry? In exploring  this question, this article will examine the size and scope of the global sports market; identify opportunities and suggest how they can best be exploited; and propose.


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