Economic zones central to the hub initiative

Sustainable development rests on three pillars: Social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability. The three have to be balanced. My focus in this paper is on the economic aspects of the Jamaica Logistics Hub: what it is, what are its unique features and what separates us from everybody else. What will make us special in our claim to become the fourth global logistics hub?

The Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative (JLHI) represents a strategy for the country to gain sustainable growth over the long term through integrating into the global supply and value chains. It is acknowledged that the global patterns of production are changing and other economies are responding to globalization. Jamaica sits on some of the prime corridors which offer an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. The central theme of the Logistics Hub is the creation of special economic zones that will attract these global businesses and local businesses to base their operations in Jamaica. So essentially, what we have to do as a nation is to create the conditions which allow those businesses to operate and to integrate into global supply chains.

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