Fuelling the Energy Debate: Comparative Study on the Generation and Distribution of Electricity

The benchmark study by the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) on the Electricity Sector in Jamaica estimates that savings at least J$7.43 billion annually can be achieved if JPS reduces its system losses to the average loss recorded by 25 Latin American and Caribbean countries. An MSB-sponsored symposium on the study has elevated the debate on issues by demanding that stakeholders confront and address the evidence-based findings highlighted by the JPC

 A recent Benchmark study by the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) on the  Electricity Sector in Jamaica titled, Generation and Distribution of Electricity in Jamaica: A Regional Comparison of Performance Indicators, compared Jamaica Public Service (JPS) electricity generation operations with other domestic independent power producers (IPPs), and compared JPS distribution operations with 25 Latin American and Caribbean countries. ´╗┐symposium hosted by the Mona School of Business in partnership with the JPC and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), on July 28th, 2011. Other participants included the Opposition spokesperson on energy, prominent economists, officers from private power producers (IPPs), members of the UWI academic community and the public. The JPS was invited to participate but declined the invitation. The symposium was organised to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of how issues associated with electricity generation, distribution and the overall governance of the sector ultimately influence the prices paid by consumers.

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