Jamaica at Fifty : A Business Perspective - Conversations on Fifty Years of Business

As part of its monthly forums with the investor community, Mayberry Investments Limited hosted Conversations on 50 years of Business July 18, 2012 for reflection as well as looking ahead. The presenters were: Maurice Facey (Chairman, Pan- Jamaican Investment Trust Ltd.), Stephen Facey President & Chief Executive Officer, Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Ltd.), Robert Levy (Chairman, Jamaica Broilers Group) and Christopher Levy (President & Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Broilers Group). Moderator/facilitator for the conversation was MSBM Business Review editor and media commentator, Claude Robinson. With the kind cooperation of Mayberry Investments, we are pleased to reproduce an edited version of the conversation.

Claude Robinson: Lets Begin with the perspective of the 'older generation' on the origin, vision and early years of PanJam and Jamaica Broilers.


Mr. Maurice Facey: I had a good tutor in my father. In summer holidays, I took the bus to Harbour Street to the business where my brother and I really got to know what the Facey business was all about. I worked in the hardware department of the company and that brought me in contact with the construction business and architects. I soon realised the office buildings were totally inadequate to a modern Jamaica in the early 1950s. I went to New York saw that we had a long way to go in Jamaica to catch up. 


Mr. Robert Levy: First of all this is about family. We grew up in the business;

dad was at Levy Brothers [along with other Levys]. We had no extra relationship as far as church was concerned. We went to church on Easter, Christmas, funerals and weddings. However, in 1970 we really came into a personal relationship with the Lord and that started to set a different focus for our business. I don’t want to say that the company is a Christian company, because everybody that works in there are not Christians. We value significantly the people that are with us in high management positions that are not Christians. But, there has been a focus or a guiding light at the very top of our company for years asking the Lord to give us wisdom and guidance.

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