MSBM Alumni Profile: Karl Tulloch

One of the new breed of young, Jamaican business people is Karl Tulloch. In tune with the energy and drive of the generation now emerging to take charge of Jamaica’s future, he is business savvy, articulate and confident.

The son of parents who transitioned from education to construction and real estate development, he spent 15 of his “growing up” years in Ensom City, Spanish Town, where his parents bought their first home. “It was an important part of my development,” he said in a recent interview with MSBM Business Review. Those years helped to shape his understanding of life and appreciation of the gift of opportunity.


So did his experience at Wolmer's Preparatory School and Wolmer's Boys School where he related to students from diverse backgrounds. Later at the University of the West Indies (UWI), he continued his preparation for life in the working world. After graduating with a B.Sc. in Accounting and a minor in Management Studies, he opted not to work in the family business at that time. As he put it, “I wanted to see what was out there.” That desire took him to Mossel Jamaica to be involved in establishing the cellular network for Digicel, (then) the new telecoms company.


Karl immediately distinguished himself in the area of Site Acquisitions, by securing the site for a cell tower in the Bog Walk Gorge, which many thought would have been impossible. He went on to receive numerous awards for performance and some seven promotions over nine years at Digicel. His last position which he held for 14 months was Sales Director for Suriname. During this time his first child, a son, was born and having been absent for the first year of his son’s life, he decided to return home.

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