Preparing a 21st century workforce for new jobs in the logistics hub

Logistics is one of the most critical aspects of global and local trade. A supply chain is a trading network of trading partners, and logistics is the glue that holds them together. We may be anywhere in the world and are able to trade, communicate and be linked to each other through logistics

The Jamaica Logistics Hub Initiative aims to provide value-added services to assist and enhance global trade and establish Jamaica as the fourth node in the worldwide network of trade and commerce. This involves a largescale approach to re-organizing resources and acquiring new ones. One component of the initiative is constructing multiple economic zones which will attract major companies to create job opportunities. Jamaica through its multiple economic zones seeks to attract major companies which will create job opportunities.

Some of these jobs will include: under water welders, carpenters, plumbers, mechatronics technicians, drivers of various heavy equipment, crane operators and operators of port equipment, maintenance technicians and engineers, logistics personnel, data entry clerks, call centre employees and the list goes on. Training and retraining are critical to getting the workforce ready for these emerging jobs.

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