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Canute S. Thompson

 Canute Thompson is Leadership Coach and Management Consultant and author of the book Towards Solutions: Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership in a Postmodern Era.


Aritcles by this author:

  •  The Key to an organizational culture in which ideas flourish is to be found in the ability of the leadership to embrace and manage divergent points-of-view. Hence, effective leadership rests on developing the capacity to manage disagreement and to live with challenge; regrettably, this capacity is often lacking in both political and business environments.

  •  The rise and fall of Ponzi Schemes such as those operated by Carlos Hill and David Smith has, naturally, raised sceptism of unregulated investment schemes. However, there are several non-traditional community-based savings and investment schemes that could be critically examined to see whether they could fill a need where they are licensed and properly regulated.

  •  Transformational leadership is about character, not marketing; and the measure of character is to be found not merely in who one claims to be but in the consistency and authenticity of asserted core values and the commitment that one has towards the ideals and values that he / she espouses.