The relationship between innovation leadership and sustainability at the firm level is examined. The analysis is informed by research into the turn around at one of Jamaica's leading organisations, Jamaica Producers Group (JPG). The research shows how innovation leaders are committed to the message that innovation must be the prinicpal contributor to organisational development, growth, profitabilty and survival.

The unavailability of accessible micro-finance for new venture creation has been a challenge in many potential entrepreneurs’ lives. Potential youth entrepreneurs have been given nothing more than a promise of microcredit as they continue to struggle to acquire small loans to invest in their business ideas and/or grow their entrepreneurial ventures

Diasporans (foreign born population and their off-springs maintaining relations to their country of origin) are vital sources of investment, innovation and entrepreneurship illustrated by locations such as Silicon Valley, Berlin, Taiwan and Republic of Korea. Likewise, Jamaican and Caribbean, with large diaspora populations, can also drive more investments from this source into the region given an enabling environment.

For more than three decades successive governments have promised major transformation of the public sector to make it more efficient and cost effective. Despite minimal success, these efforts have failed to achieve their majour objectives. Now it appears that the domestic and external conditions are aligned to make success possible

Point Counter-Point: The agreement with the International Monetary Fund has reaffirmed that the Bank of Jamaica “will continue to manage monetary policy within the framework of a managed floating rate exchange regime”. But that has not settled the ongoing debate about which exchange rate regime would best contribute to the desired economic outcomes of robust growth, high employment and low inflation. MSB Business Review asked two experts, former prime minister and minister of finance, Edward Seaga and former financial secretary Colin Bullock to debate the benefits of a fixed versus a floating rate.