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Professor Evan Duggan
Excecutive Director and Professor of Managaement Information Systems, Mona School of Business, University of the West Indies, Mona

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  • The Recent ruling by supreme Court Justice Bryan Sykes rejecting the exclusivity of the JPS licence may very well prove to be a catalyst for terminating the endless debate and inciting genuine transformation in electricity sector.


  •  A study by Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) offers evidence of the performance gap between JPS power generation and other domestic power producers; ranks the JPS distribution operations among the least efficient in the region for total distribution losses, non-technical losses and reliability; and places JPS in the group with the highest electricity prices. At issue is whether modifications to the current operations of JPS and changes to the orientation of regulation could deliver significant short term benefits by way of lower electricity prices.

  •  For Jamaica to achieve developed status by 2030 the country must embrace an ICTbased strategy for national development requiring the infusion of ICT in all sectors of the economy. Based on successful ICT application elsewhere this will involve converting ICT infrastructure into knowledge-based applications that enable national strategies and targets needed to accomplish development objectives.

  • There is now worldwide recognition of the importance of the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector as a principal contributor to the economic well-being of most nations. SMEs are often both the product and the producers of entrepreneurial creativity and, in most countries, have become progressively important pillars of economic stability. Their actual and potential contributions to innovation, economic growth, employment, and the diversification of productive endeavours are well documented. 

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