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December 19, 2012

The Global Competitiveness Report makes for uncomfortable reading: Jamaica’s competitiveness position has slipped from 63 (in 2006) to 101 (in 2011). Although the number of countries ranked in 2006 moved from 117 to 142 in 2011, Jamaica’s competitiveness position has deteriorated. This decline is manifested in the weak economic growth and, in some cases, negative growth that the economy has experienced over the last four decades and even more-so over the last five years.


December 22, 2011

 Going forward, Government has identified LNG as the preferred fuel to replace oil as the primary fuel for generating electricity but expectations that this will substantially reduce fuel costs may be misguided. In the meantime consumers can take conservation measures to lower their electricity bills

December 10, 2011

 What exactly defines innovation, especially within the financial landscape? Intuitively, one understands that innovation is about creating something new. Within the financial landscape that would then mean creating and marketing new investment securities.