MSBM Alumni Profile: Kevin Donaldson

He entered the year 2018 with a brand new title: Chief Executive Officer, Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited and Senior Vice President of the Sagicor Group, seemingly a weighty responsibility for such a young man!

But Kevin Donaldson is a rather extraordinary young man as discovered during an interview with MSBM Business Review. He takes delight in delivering a healthy return on investment or whatever metric translates as profitable for stakeholders. However, making money is not his prime motivation. What drives the CEO of Sagicor Investments is the joy of seeing “a project come to life and flourish,” as he puts it, and people being able to realise their goals and fulfil their dreams. He thinks and speaks of increase, growth, development, improvement, and expansion; and money spells the means to such positive ends.

As he put it, “At Sagicor we are not just about raising money for our stakeholders but providing viable opportunities for them to invest in their community and at the same time earn from each investment. We strongly believe in the power of capital to realise opportunity to fuel growth.”

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