February, 2018

One of the new breed of young, Jamaican business people is Karl Tulloch. In tune with the energy and drive of the generation now emerging to take charge of Jamaica’s future, he is business savvy, articulate and confident.


April, 2017

Warm, engaging, sincere and easy to talk with— words that sum up typical first impressions of Courtney Campbell, Victoria Mutual Building Society’s Group President and Chief Executive Officer. Later, the mind of a strategist, love for people and deep commitment to service begin to emerge along with evidence that he is a born leader and motivator with a talent for turning business challenges into success stories.



May, 2014

Much of the discussion about Jamaica’s favourable prospects of becoming the 4th global logistics hub, emphasize the country’s physical attributes and natural endowments. Little reference, however, is made to a glaring deficiency in the quality of shiprelated and logistics services in Jamaica.

March, 2011

 Jamaica’s highly competitive mobile phone industry plus steady growth in financial services and remittances in recent years set the stage for integration and widespread use of mobile financial services. Significant advantages include reduction in transaction costs, greater efficiency and reduced costs toconsumers. Stakeholders must address several important considerations such as regulatory regime, technical options and commercial arrangements.

March, 2011

Stephen Meghoo is a great believer in the idea that preparation is the master key to unlocking the door to success. “The more prepared you are, the luckier you get.” His life proves the point...

June, 2010

With the world economy showing signs of recovery in the first quarter of 2010 there are indications that the global aluminium industry is beginning to rebound. However, recovery of the Jamaican industry will lag behind world trends as the alumina plants are high-cost by global standards and so are not likely to come on stream until the global economic recovery strengthens. Hence,turnaround in the medium to long-term will depend substantially on the industry switching from oil to cheaper energy sources like coal or liquid natural gas (LNG) while achieving other operational efficiencies.

June, 2010

Stephenson describes his personal drivers as a constant striving to achieve more and a strong belief in the value of hard work and sound education as preparation for life.