Balancing the Jamaica-China Business Relationships: Issues and Challenges

The historical social, cultural, political, diplomatic and economic context of the Jamaica-China relationship provides a critical point of reference that gives texture to the current public discussion about balancing the relationship between both countries.

Collaboration between countries evolves over time and may pass through various phases. In the early phases people to people exchanges increase mutual understanding of each other; this expands gradually into more complex inter-relationships that may include political cooperation in international fora such as the United Nations and mutual trade exchanges. Later phases in the evolution of the relationship may include deeper economic cooperation such as financing and investments and mutual security cooperation.

In these arrangements, despite often well-intentioned efforts to achieve ‘Win-Win’ outcomes, the benefits often favour the partner with greater size, political and economic strength, competitive advantages resulting from economies of scale and the tacit or direct support provided to manufacturers and exporters and other companies in the form of cheap financing, subsidies and other institutional support by the state.

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