The Doyen of Jamaican Business Talks with MSBM about his experiences and looks ahead at exciting prospects

Raby Danvers ‘Danny’ Williams is, arguably, Jamaica’s most respected businessman with a highly successful career as both visionary and implementer over the half century of Jamaica’s Independence. And he continues to innovate and serve. As the country embarks on the next 50 years of its journey towards economic growth and human development, MSBM Business Review spoke with him about the evolution of Jamaican business since Independence, his role in that process and his expectations for the immediate, uncertain period ahead. MSBM


He Recalled that in the running up to, and during the early years of Independence, Jamaica’s ‘business community’ was small with limited opportunities for entry or major expansion. MMAlso, access to secondary

education was limited with only about 3,000 persons getting a high school education which prepared most of them for the Civil Service, the professions, mainly law and medicine, and the Church. 

“People who thought of business were the ones who came from business

families. In my case, my mother’s family had been in business. We had the Lebanese and Chinese who were just natural traders and had the stores; they

were the ones who developed the modern business sector."


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