Innovation in the Financial Sector: Proven Enters the Hedge Fund Arena

What exactly defines innovation, especially within the financial landscape? Intuitively, one understands that innovation is about creating something new. Within the financial landscape that would then mean creating and marketing new investment securities.

 By the time this magazine appears, Proven Investments Limited (PIL) — a self described hedge fund -- would have been in existence for two years. In that time, the company has refined its business model from international investing to revisiting the Jamaican landscape in regards to investment opportunities. The firm raised over US$28 million in equity and will have offered an additional J$1 billion in a preference share offer by December 2011 in order to fund acquisitions in tourism, micro financing and real estate. In a November 2011 newspaper interview, Christopher Williams CEO of PIL said the investment firm plans to use the capital to acquire a financial institution that targets personal loans and loans to small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) and a minority stake in a tourism venture

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