A Post Critical Assessment of Investment Schemes

The rise and fall of Ponzi Schemes such as those operated by Carlos Hill and David Smith has, naturally, raised sceptism of unregulated investment schemes. However, there are several non-traditional community-based savings and investment schemes that could be critically examined to see whether they could fill a need where they are licensed and properly regulated.

There can be no doubt that the dismantling of Ponzi Schemes is a good thing although the loss experienced by so many will linger for a long time. Reports are that some marriages have been destroyed; some persons have committed suicide; and some have encountered economic losses from which they are unlikely to recover. While some investors were waiting patiently and anxiously to see the promised returns, heads of these schemes were living lavish life-styles completely out of sync with the real world and it was full time the society was forced to take a candid look at what was taking place. But having taken that candid look what do we do. Like the exiles of ancient Israel and most people in every generation and every society do when the bottom drops out of life we can either write poetry or history or both, or engage in an analysis of what occurred and seek, with courage and insight, to draw the lessons.

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