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Harry Abrikian

Harry Abrikian is senior lecturer in finance at the Mona School of Business

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  • The acid test of system sustainability comes not when things are going well, but when things are going badly. This  is the situation with the Euro Zone (EZ for short) where the current common currency arrangement is failing this test. More to the point, the Euro Zone, as we know it, will be  significantly different by the end of calendar 2012.

    This article on the future of the Euro considers three questions. First, what are the requirements for a sustainable currency area and did the Euro meet them? Second, what can be done to avert a breakup of the EZ? Third, what are the implications for the Caribbean and more specifically, Jamaica?
  • Countries can affect their international performance based on the resources that are committed to elite sports along with specialization in the sports in which they are more competitive. But, how should resources be allocated between elite sports and sports at the national level? These decisions go beyond economics and competitiveness issues and involve broader national priorities.