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William Lawrence


 William Lawrence is the Director, Professional Services Unit, Mona School of Business

Aritcles by this author:

  • Our study conducted by Mona School of Business and Management, (MSBM) in June 2017, revealed that the leaders of local construction firms perceive that public sector delays, Government procurement policy, cost of financing, and company debt burden are among the main impediments to growth of the sector. Along with policy changes, we suggest several strategies, including adoption of Lean Construction techniques to increase efficiency.

  •  A study by Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) offers evidence of the performance gap between JPS power generation and other domestic power producers; ranks the JPS distribution operations among the least efficient in the region for total distribution losses, non-technical losses and reliability; and places JPS in the group with the highest electricity prices. At issue is whether modifications to the current operations of JPS and changes to the orientation of regulation could deliver significant short term benefits by way of lower electricity prices.

  • Failed attempts at business turnaround have destroyed countless jobs and depleted substantial organizational resources in Jamaica.  Drawing from international experience and case studies of Courts Jamaica Limited and Desnoes & Geddes Limited we can identify strategies to rescue a business from losses and insolvency.